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Doody takes you on a raw, honest and sensual journey. Clearly we have a traveler rather than a tourist with youthful romantic notions  ...

Doody Richards' travel memoir is a fascinating tale of life and love, of heartbreak and redemption, of time, place and cultural identity, told in a unique voice  ...

This book is a great read. Doody's writing style is confessional, un-embellish and told a very touching story through his travel memoir!



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How to travel cheap to Japan?


I recently read a book called Autobiography of A Yogi. This book discusses fear. You're welcome to share your thoughts.


What to do when you're in Japan?


How a minimalist lifestyle can help you to free cluttered life?


Where to go to Japan? Best places to visit.



About Me

Doody Richards is a travel writer and has made Sydney, NSW, Australia, his home for fourteen years and many exciting more years to come. Born a storyteller, raised a traveller and grew up a spiritual. I story-tell travel, minimalism lifestyle, mindfulness guide & anything in between. 

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